Dear friends,


Effective Dec 31, 2015 I am closing Green Beauty (salon and online). It has been a wild and wonderful ride and I am so grateful to the support I have received from family, friends, clients, colleagues and everyone in between. It has been a joy sharing my love of beauty and the amazing options when seeking clean products. The simple reason for this decision is that I am ready to move on to something else.


Please continue to use the amazing brands that you have found at Green Beauty. The majority of them you can find in-store and online at The Detox Market. You can go directly to Consonant and World to find their fantastic products.


If you are a client of Diana's - fret not! She will be in touch to let you know where you can continue to experience her fantastic hair talents. You can also follow her on Instagram @dianaosbornehair and email If you are a client of Ruth's - fret not! You can email her at She will let you know how you can continue to experience her impeccable manicures and makeup applications.


Thank you so much for everything.


Be beautiful. Feel good about it.